Y8 Guessing Games: Puzzle Freak
Y8 Guessing Games: Puzzle Freak

One of the cool things about y8 is that you get to choose thousands upon thousands of games from different categories that suit your interest and well… your mood. If you are looking for something that will test your IQ and maybe validate your long-held belief that you really are Einstein’s successor, simply click on the Guessing Game category and load the most popular game there on your web browser: Puzzle Freak. 

Similar to Monopoly, Puzzle Freak allows you to showcase your brains-if you can solve the 14 puzzle types that the puzzle squares will randomly throw at you. Once you solve a puzzle, you gain a turn (you are awarded up to 3 turns in a row) and get IQ points for your effort. There are also special chance squares that can either help or harm your cause to reach the finish line. In this y8 game, you win if you cross the finish line (the final square) holding the highest IQ score. 

This y8 guessing game is really for those seeking a good brain workout. The puzzles themselves are varied, giving the player the feeling that each puzzle is a game in itself. From item-finders to logic puzzles to spot-the-difference puzzles, there’s no question that solving them under intense time pressure makes for one nerve-racking game. 

If you’re not up to the challenge, frustration awaits you at every turn. But if you’re mentally ready to take on this y8 tournament of sorts against your computer, you only need to put your thinking cap on to hurdle the guessing game that will give you the bragging rights of finishing Puzzle Freak as the player with the highest IQ. 

More than the IQ scores that you can get when you play Puzzle Freak, what makes this game appealing to the more serious gamer is the fact that it serves as a means of brain gymnastics. Research has shown that mind games like this one keeps you mentally alert and enhances your memory skills. When you keep your brain engaged, you won’t have to worry about ransacking the house for eye glasses perched on top of your forehead or names at the tip of your tongue that you can never get around to remembering. 

Come to think of it, even grandmas and grandpas who want to lessen their chances of gettingAlzheimer’s which triple by the time they are 80 may want to play a round as well. And that makes Puzzle Freak on y8 a game for all ages.   476S4MH8BHG5